EtherFolds is the first generative art Profile Banner NFT format: get yours and alter your profile picture to show that you own one!

awaiting contract... / 10000 minted


Owning an Etherfold gives you commercial rights on your Etherfold as well as access to the Etherfolds community, together with priority slots for all our future projects, starting with a NFT portfolio and floors tracking tool,, for which holders will have special benefits.


There are several ways to show love for your Etherfolds:

Set as header image
Profile picture alteration

Add a fold to your image!

Representative emoji

Don't feel like altering images?
Add our favourite emoji 🔻 to your display name!


10% minted
5x 🎁 Giveaway in our Discord channel! (holders only!)

💰 ➡ All the initial proceeds will go into marketing and collaborations to spread the word!

30% minted
10x 🎁 Giveaway in our Discord channel! (all members)

💰 ➡ These funds will go into expanding the team to further speed up development

50% minted
20x 🎁 Giveaway in our Discord channel! (holders only!)

💰 ➡ 3D printable merch development starts! Get the .stl free and the choice to purchase it already printed

100% minted
35x 🎁 Giveaway in our Discord channel! (holders only!)

💰 ➡ $FLD token development starts! It will be used in


  • Why Etherfolds?

    Profile picture projects, a.k.a. PFPs, have taken over the internet.
    I wanted to give people a way to show their support for NFTs without completely replacing their profile. This allows for showing support for more than one project, or to support us while keeping your current profile image.

  • How much do i need to mint an Etherfold?

    Each Etherfold requires 0.04 ETH + GAS to be minted. You can mint up to 6 per transaction

  • When will my Etherfolds be revealed?

    All Etherfolds information will be updated on reveal date (Dec 9th), or on project mint out, whichever comes first.

  • What's the official smart contract address?

    Here it is: 0x7d181baf4940c5666fe380248453e4678e6e6cb6